Superb artisan flavours:

Refresh was created by Mr. Robbie Acres, founder of Portside Parlour in Rivington Street, London. The result is a palette cleansing flavour sensation, where botanical Peppermint and Star Anise is complimented with a subtle floral note of Rose Water. This pairs beautifully with a gin based French 75, Old Cuban or classic G&T.


Peppermint, Liquorice, Star Anise, Rose Water

Beautifully simple product:

  • 150 puffs (equivalent to a pack of traditional cigarettes)
  • Puff for puff half the price of regular smoking
  • 5 amazing artisan flavours
  • Ultra lightweight and familiar format
  • No ritual change
  • No learning required
  • Ready to use straight from the pack
  • Requires no charging or refilling
  • A smart and simple choice


  • Weight 5g
  • Dimensions 1x1x8mm
  • Flavour Silver
  • Nicotine 18mg/ml

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