Superb artisan flavours:

This recipe captures the magic of tobacco. In particular the mystery of rare tobacco plant Perique. In its day, this was the finest and most expensive tobacco exports from Louisiana. We’ve blended Perique with Black Tea and Bergamot to create a sensory experience inspired by the formative years of colonial America. The result is a beautifully balanced every day smoke to lift your life. This works well with Tea and a slice of lemon, Cola on Ice, Bourbon or Wine and pairs brilliantly with an apricot Brigadoon and a twist of burnt lemon.

Perique tobacco, black tea and fresh fig

Beautifully simple product:

  • 150 puffs (equivalent to a pack of traditional cigarettes)
  • Puff for puff half the price of regular smoking
  • 5 amazing artisan flavours
  • Ultra lightweight and familiar format
  • No ritual change
  • No learning required
  • Ready to use straight from the pack
  • Requires no charging or refilling
  • A smart and simple choice


  • Weight 5g
  • Dimensions 1x1x8mm
  • Flavour Silver
  • Nicotine 18mg/ml

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